Shopping malls

A trip to America wouldn’t be complete without heading to the mall, the sacred meeting place of sitcom teenagers and large families seeking cheap entertainment. It has to be said, there really is something inherently “American” about malls that really set them apart from the UK’s own shopping centres – like everything else in the country, they’re bigger, brighter and louder, with a wealth of opportunity for window shopping, dining and splashing out on a holiday wardrobe. In this section we’ll take you through some of our favourite shopping malls, as well as the big American brands you don’t want to miss.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in shopping malls, Aventura Mall is the place to start – it’s the biggest mall in the state, and the third-largest in the USA. There are over 300 stores here spread over three floors, as well as cafes, fast-food restaurants and even a cinema. Don’t be put off by the others, though; see if you can visit the smaller malls such as Westfield Brandon or International Plaza for a completely different experience.

As well as covering the top malls in the state, we’ll also take a look at some of the biggest brands you can find in the US. It’s easy to forget just how many of the most famous stores in the world often don’t make the jump over the Atlantic, including department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s or fashion outlets like Kohl’s. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a look around, even if you don’t plan on buying anything – it’s worth it just to experience a little American customer service!

If you do decide to go on a shopping spree, make sure you’re careful about your purchases. In the mall-world of sales, offers and “Low, LOW prices!” it can be all too easy to end up with another whole suitcase full of clothes to take back with you, which could cost you a little more than you expect when you make your way back to the UK!

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