Florida Shopping Mall

Florida Mall

The Florida Mall lies in Orlando, along Orange Blossom Trail. It’s one of the largest single-storey malls in the USA, spread out over 1,849,000 square feet with over 250 outlets inside. This is a fantastic opportunity to get some serious shopping done, and whether you’re just browsing or looking to splash your spending money, our guide will make sure you see the very best of the Florida Mall.


he Florida Mall is anchored by a number of big American brands, including Macy’s, JC Penney and Saks Fifth Avenue. There are plenty of big fashion houses to choose from, as well as the mid-range stores like Sears and Target. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get around the whole mall – it’s worth arriving early, before the rush, to get around your favourites.

The best thing about the Florida Mall, though, is its proximity to Orlando International Airport. If you’re flying in here, stop at the Florida Mall for tourism brochures, supplies and a first glance of a traditional American shopping experience!


There are a number of food outlets at the Florida Mall, ideal for those spending the whole day there. The central food court is the place to go; here you’ll find all the big names such as Five Guys and Taco Bell, as well as a few others you might not have tried yet. Asian Chao and Maki of Japan are both great choices if you’re looking for something light and warming, while Charley’s Grilled Subs are well worth trying if you need something a bit more substantial to see you through an afternoon of shopping. If you’re planning your trip well in advance, bear in mind that a new dining pavilion is being planned for the mall in 2015, so you may well get a chance to see it straight after opening day!


There isn’t an awful lot in the way of entertainment at the Florida Mall; while others in the area boast cinemas and arcades, this particular shopping centre is all about the stores. However, if you’re looking for a break from the shops, there are a few places that offer fun and excitement for the whole family – discover the many colours and flavours of the M&Ms Store, take your time in the Build-a-Bear workshop for the perfect kid-friendly souvenir, and book the young ones into the Crayola Experience for an afternoon of colouring and creativity.

Don’t miss…

  • Photography workshops held by the Polaroid Fotobar, near Macy’s
  • Deals offered on the Florida Mall’s website, including half-price beauty treatments and freebies
  • Charging stations at the Apple and Microsoft stores, allowing you to charge up your phone, tablet or laptop
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