You don’t have to speak to many people to realise that American sports aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Still, given that we live in a nation predominantly comprising football, rugby and cricket, it’s no surprise that US standard-issue sports may raise an eyebrow or two. The “big four” leagues– baseball (MLB), American football (NFL), basketball (NBA) and ice hockey (NHL) – may be completely new to you, which is why the team at Florida4Less will give you the rundown you need!

If you’re going to go to Florida and you want to have an experience you’ll never forget – and see the sports-mad American psyche at its stereotypical finest – then you should really consider going to a game. Given that the perfect year-round weather lends itself well to outdoor events, tickets are often cheap and the games are exciting in a vast number of ways, sport is worth adding to any itinerary – even if you don’t understand it!

In this section, we’re going to break down each and every league and team so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you in your area when you head over to Florida. With no fewer than 11 major-league teams in Florida, nearly 40 minor teams, and 13 top-flight colleges vying for spectators’ attentions, you’ll definitely find something going on near you.

Of course, we won’t hesitate to explain the rules to you a little bit, too, as they’re often not that simple. One thing you can guarantee, though, is that these hard-hitting, big-swinging, high-scoring games will get your pulse racing – as well as the heart rates of the vocally-charged, face-painting, tailgating, friendly locals that arrive in their thousands to each and every event!