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Wet ‘n’ Wild Orlando


Universal has now built a new water park called Volcano Bay which opens 25th May 2017 – please click here for further details.



If water parks are your idea of fun, a trip to Orlando wouldn’t be complete without visiting Wet ‘n’ Wild. Flumes, chutes, slides, rafts, funnels, racers and pools combine to make this water park one of the most popular in America. If the Floridian sunshine is making you hot under the collar, there’s no better way to cool off than plunging into Wet ‘n’ Wild. You’ll find slides, pools and water-based attractions suitable for all age groups and thrill levels, from the most extreme adrenalin junkie to the laid back looking for somewhere to relax.


Wet ‘n’ Wild is considered to be America’s first water park. Developed by George Milay after he realised the need for a water park while working on SeaWorld, Wet ‘n’ Wild opened on March 13th, 1977. Milay was subsequently given a Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Waterpark Association, and named the official “Father of the Waterpark”.

In 1998 Milay sold off his interests in Wet ‘n’ Wild, which was purchased by Universal Studios Recreation Group. Since 1998 the park has expanded to include a number of thrilling rides made by ProSlide Technology, including The Storm, The Blast and Brain Wash. The Kids Park was also renovated to a sandcastle theme by Integrity Attractions.

Attractions: What Not To Miss

With rides and slides made for groups, pairs and individuals, there are plenty of unmissable attractions at Wet ‘n’ Wild. The rides are rated and colour coded into Low Speed, Moderate, Aggressive and High Thrill so that you know before joining the queue what you’re letting yourself in for. Depending on how daring you’re feeling, here are some rides that are not to be missed.

Bomb Bay

High Thrill Ride

Prepare for a free-falling thrill ride when you enter the bomb capsule of Bomb Bay. Stand on the trap door and watch as your entrance door closes, making the only way out beneath your feet. Countdown to deploy, then leave your stomach behind as you plummet six storeys in this near-vertical slide to a smooth splash landing at the bottom. The anticipation of the drop is almost as exciting as the experience itself, which will leave you feeling euphoric.

Aqua Drag Racer

High Thrill Ride

Race your friends or family on this fast-paced four-lane waterslide that twists and turns through 360 feet of colourful track before the final neck-and-neck race across the checker-board finish line. Your mat ensures that you fly down the chute at break-neck speed, making for a competitive chase to the finish line. Who will get the best push-off start? Who is the most streamlined, and who can follow the turns accurately to come away victorious?

Lazy River

Moderate Ride

Time to lie back and relax – let the calm current of the Lazy River guide you through dappled sunlight and tropical foliage as you unwind in your tube. Take friends and family along for a break from the wilder rides, or head to the Lazy River alone for a leisurely float around the park. Keep cool in the summer heat as you dip your feet in the tranquil turquoise waters and feel your troubles wash away – or lose your tube and take the plunge to cool off completely.


Wet ‘n’ Wild is only a short distance from Universal Orlando Resort’s on-site hotels, with free shuttle buses running to the waterpark from the hotels daily. Cabana Bay Beach Resort features two huge pools and a lazy river, perfect to cool off after a long day at a theme park. Loews Royal Pacific Resort features a lagoon-style pool with its own sandy beach – the ideal location if you’re in need of a lazy day. Of course you’ll have your own pool at whichever Universal hotel you stay at, but nothing can beat the crazy waterslides at Wet ‘n’ Wild.

What’s in the Area

Florida is home to some exceptional waterparks, so if Wet ‘n’ Wild has whet your appetite for more, why not head to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach? Both are run by Disney and are home to incredible water slides, pools, chutes and much more. If you’d rather spend the day thoroughly dry, there’s plenty more to Orlando than theme parks and water parks.


Maintain the water theme without getting wet when you visit the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. You’ll find hundreds of species of fish and other sea creatures, including favourites like clown fish and penguins as well as tiger sharks and green turtles. Alternatively, take a day to explore the city, where you’ll find a huge array of shops, restaurants, bars and museums. The Orlando Science Center is an eye-opening educational trip that is sure to delight and inspire children and adults alike.



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