Miami International

Miami International Airport is connected to the UK via London Heathrow – this is actually the busiest route of the whole airport, with over one million people travelling between the two in 2013. The main carriers on this route are British Airways, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic, giving you plenty of options when booking.

If you’re looking to fly out from Miami to another part of America, you’ve made the right decision – carriers fly out to all corners of the States from here.

The busiest domestic routes tend to be around the southern states, such as Atlanta – a major Delta Air Lines hub, also allowing for plenty of domestic flights – but American Airlines also flies from Miami up to Boston and right over to Seattle.

Getting around

Getting from MIA to your accommodation should be fairly simple; ground transportation is extensive, with a Metrorail and Metrobus service into all major destinations, including South Beach, Hollywood and Ford Lauderdale, as well as the smaller neighbourhoods.

If you’re looking to head further afield once you touch down in Miami, Greyhound buses (an essential experience for any traveller in America) will take you out to the further-flung cities like Orlando and Tampa, and even out of state – although we can’t say we recommend the 32-hour trip to New York City!

Getting comfortable

There’s an incredible amount on offer at Miami International Airport, whether you’re hanging around between flights or just taking your time before your hotel transfer. A sandwich and a coffee will be the first port of call for many visitors, but try to skip those and go for the other dining options available – head to Sushi Maki for fresh, delicious Japanese food, or drop into Wendy’s for one last taste of America before you leave.

No doubt you’ll want to check out Duty Free Americas too, but don’t miss the other top brands with outlets here, including Hugo Boss and Emporio Armani.

MIA does also have a number of hotels within and around the airport, so bear that in mind if you find you need to stay overnight – it’s a busy airport, and finding yourself with a long wait is likely to be incredibly uncomfortable. If you can spring for it, the luxury of a nice bed, a soundproof room and a cooked breakfast in the morning could well be worth it.

What not to miss

Shopping and dining is par for the course at most airports, but what you may not expect is the wealth of art and exhibition space at MIA. Managed by the Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs, the aim of these spaces is to “enrich the airport environment”, and indeed some of these exhibitions will give you plenty of pause for thought among the chaos of the terminals.

Our favourites include the Brazilian Carybe murals in South Terminal H that depict beautiful scenes of Latin America, and the MIA Flower Fence at North Terminal Gate D17, which highlights Florida’s tropical wildlife interspersed with geometric designs by the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida. Art programs exist throughout the airport, and you’ll see something beautiful in every direction, so don’t be afraid to go exploring if you have time to kill!

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