How to beat the boredom on long-haul flights

Once the novelty of the in-flight film programme has worn off, you can’t sleep and it’s another five hours until breakfast (not to mention at least another seven hours until you land), entertainment in some shape or form becomes a priority.


Long-haul flights no longer need to be in any way tedious. With a little pre-flight preparation, half a day sat in your reclining seat without Wi-Fi can even be productive…


So what can we do to happily pass the time? We’ve taken a look at the top five activities to help you steer clear of in-flight boredom.


Colouring books


“But colouring’s for kids!” I hear you say. Unless you’ve been living on a different planet for the past year, it’s now common knowledge that colouring books have rocketed in popularity among adults. It’s perfectly normal to see a grown man colouring paisley patterns on public transport. Touted as a means to achieve mindfulness, or simply just a bit of fun, this really is a case of ‘don’t knock it til’ you’ve tried it.’ The Book People have a range of great value adult colouring books. Go on, give it a go.



Card games


Screen-time tends to dominate our lives in this day and age, so use a long-haul flight as an excuse to switch off and embrace… Card games. If it’s been a few years and you’re a little rusty when it comes to the rules of your favourite game, look them up before you board the plane. And while you’re searching, why not learn a few more card games? Once you’ve practised on the plane, you’ll be set for games to play during those long, balmy evenings at your holiday destination, too.


Crosswords and Sudoku


Requiring perhaps even less effort than a card game, puzzles such as the humble crossword and top-rated brainteaser Sudoku are ideal ways to pass the time. Pick up entire volumes of crosswords or Sudoku at the airport, or find a cheap deal online.




You guessed it – sewing, knitting, crochet, cross-stitch… the list goes on. If you’ve found an excuse in the past either not to learn, or not to finish the scarf sitting in a sad heap in the corner of your living room, well there’s no time like the present (on the plane). Imagine, on a 14 hour flight you could probably knit at least one hat. Or half a jumper? Now that’s productive.




If the thought of reading a book is a bit much, why not try listening to an audiobook instead? Most of the nation’s favourite classics are available to download, not to mention radio podcasts. We recommend a light-hearted comedy show to raise your spirits on long-haul journeys!





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