Five sources of major #HolidayInspo

Bored on your commute or feeling stressed out about work? You’re not alone, and it seems Brits like to battle the blues by casting their minds elsewhere and dreaming about their next getaway. For most, the search for the ultimate holiday destination leads to exotic places full of adventure or sandy beaches with crystal blue waters – whatever it takes to get us through another gloomy Monday!


It might actually surprise you just how much time Brits spend daydreaming or planning their next holiday. Our recent research revealed that one in five spend an entire week every single year dreaming or planning their next trip, while one in ten like to spend 15 days or more browsing online and scrolling through photos looking for inspiration.


With over 60% of us dedicating our evenings to holiday research, we thought it was about time we made things a little bit easier by listing some of our favourite places for holiday inspo. Take a look below, and don’t blame us if we give you a serious case of wanderlust!




Beating travel agents as an inspiration source for 18 to 34 year olds, Instagram has become an increasingly popular with the younger generation. It’s easy to navigate and even easier to simply spend hours browsing through. Here’s a couple of our favourite travel accounts to get your feet itching for an adventure!



If you like perfectly edited landscapes of sublime mountains and still water, head to Daniel’s account. Every picture is full of colour and beauty, and you’ll instantly want to get up off your seat and book a trip far, far away!



With over two million followers, Chris is one of the most famous travel photographers on Instagram. Turquoise waters of the Caribbean, shots of the Northern Lights and snaps of snowy mountains constantly feature on his feed.



Living every vlogger’s dream, Nadine Sykora’s Instagram is packed with serious holiday inspiration. She’s visited over 48 countries in the last five years, we can’t help but feel a little bit envious!


Of course, you can’t forget those all-important hashtags. Here’s a couple of our favourites: #travel, #travelgram, #wanderlust, #sunset #instatravel #adventure, #intothewild.



Online Travel Websites


Travel websites came out on top as the most popular place Brits head to for holiday inspiration. This go-to source includes sites such as Kayak, Sky Scanner, Momondo and iescape. Sometimes, it’s much more fun just putting in your availability dates and budget and discovering where you could go!


TripAdvisor is also a hit too, of course, with 28% naming it their primary source of holiday inspo.




Pinterest, the ultimate inspiration website. It’s a go-to place for so many and we’ve found it to be particularly popular with 18-34 year olds.


Here’s a quick list of our must-follow travel boards, which promise to fill your Pinterest homepage with holiday goals on a daily basis.





Blogs have that personal touch and they tend to be a little bit more stylized than our friends’ holiday snaps (which we also love browsing through too, according to our survey!) With quirky recommendations and real-life experiences, they can seem a bit more trustworthy than professional sites!


Looking for a place to start? Check out these three amazing travel blogs:


Lost with Purpose

Couple Alex and Sebastiaan met when travelling abroad and continued to venture around South East Asia together. Their adventures continued in 2016 and so far they’ve been across Asia, Europe and the Middle East!


Nomadic Matt

Recognised by The New York Times, The Guardian and many more, Nomadic Matt is your go-to source for travel advice. Not only will you feel inspired, you’ll leave with helpful tips about money, transport and safety too.


The Blonde Abroad

Over 50 countries down and still plenty left to go. California native Kiersten is the author of The Blonde Abroad, which began when she quit her job in corporate finance to travel the world. Her site includes destination guides and tips alongside beautifully crafted photography.


TV, magazines and brochures


It’s not all about the online world – so many Brits still use traditional sources to find inspiration. We still enjoy flicking through brochures and magazines to help us decide where we want to head next, and over a quarter have named TV as their primary source of inspiration.


Must-read magazines such as Conde Naste Traveller, Wanderlust and independent mag Sidetracked are great places to turn to. For TV, you can really find inspiration anywhere but we find anything that includes Richard Ayoade is guaranteed to give you the travel bug!


A fifth of Brits find themselves daydreaming about holidays they never end up taking multiple times every week. While it might help us get through a stressful day, we think it’s about time we start taking all this travel inspiration on bored and doing something about it. Take action, get planning and make your next holiday the best yet!



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