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Visiting Florida in Fall

From Halloween to Thanksgiving, there’s no shortage of excitement when it comes to the month of autumn! Though more commonly known as fall in the States, there are few better times to visit Florida and make the most of everything the parks have to offer.


Autumnal weather in Florida

If you’re a little concerned about how intense humidity might cause your family to fare – and there’s no denying that it’s prevalent during the warmest summer months – a visit to Florida in October and November can offer a little reassurance.


Though you might experience a little rainfall (around 48mm is typically expected in November), you can enjoy weather that sits between the very comfortable 20 to 25°C in the Floridian autumn. This makes the season an ideal one for wandering around the parks without everyone getting all hot and bothered!


You’ll also be able to enjoy around eight hours of sunlight a day – perfect for getting the most out of the parks on a visual level.


What to pack for a fall visit to Florida

With moderate temperatures in the low to mid-twenties to look forward to, packing should be a breeze! T-shirts, shorts, and light-material trousers are all fantastic options for the days spent exploring the parks, as well as being perfectly adaptable beach wear. In short, opt for light clothing that you can layer up if you find the evenings get a little chillier, and you’ll be good to go.


Don’t forget, Florida is also home to some of the biggest outlet and retail malls in the country, with full-price items often costing a lot less than at home. So, if shopping is on the agenda anyway, you could always consider topping up your holiday wardrobe while you’re away!


Visiting the Sunshine State in autumn

Though Halloween takes its fair share of the limelight when it comes to visiting Florida over October and November, that doesn’t mean to say that’s all that’s going on. In fact, you’ll find a whole host of seasonal things to see and do!


The main attraction is the Epcot International Food Festival, which runs until November 14th 2016. Within, you can find a foodies’ paradise with dishes, drinks and music from a huge array of global cultures. Fun for the kids, even better for the grown-ups!


Head over to the Magic Kingdom to embrace Mickey’s new Royal Friendship Faire, join the Empire with the Star Wars fireworks display in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and be awe-inspired by the magic that keeps occurring on the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – we’ll say no more for fear of ruining the surprise.


Though this is just a snapshot of what’s in store this autumn, we’re sure you’ll never run out of things to do when in Florida this season. Make the most of the brilliant weather, and enjoy!







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