We love Mickey Mouse!

Mickey is one of our Disney favourites – a trip to Disneyworld wouldn’t be the same without stopping off to say hi to Mickey – so we’ve compiled a few facts and figures about the little guy for your enjoyment – plus you never know when you might need this info for the pub quiz of Trivial Pursuits!

  • Mickey was first created in 1928 and was debuted in the cartoon ‘Steamboat Willie.’
  • Mickey’s girlfriend is called Minie and his dog’s name is Pluto.
  • He is friends with Donald Duck and Goofy.
  • Mickey didn’t start wearing gloves until 1929 – these were introduced to help see the characters hands against ceratin backgrounds.
  • The famous Mickey Mouse club was started in 1930
  • On his 50th Anniversary in 1978 Mickey was the first cartoon character to appear on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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