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Flights to Orlando, Florida from the UK and Ireland

Orlando is Florida's most popular destination for tourists and visitors. The city is served by two airports - Orlando International (MCO) and Sandford International (SFB).

Depending on whom you choose to fly with will determine which will be your arrival airport. Both of these airports are ideally located for your Orlando holiday.

The flight itself will take around 9 hours if you fly direct. There are plenty of indirect options available which can often work out more cost effective and will on average add a couple of hours to the travelling time.

Most major UK cities operate flights to Florida and there is also a wealth of airlines to choose from. Do your research upfront as to which suits you best as price may not always be the best selection method. You may want to consider legroom, baggage allowance and in-flight services.

If you fly into Orlando International you'll follow the usual procedure of immigration checks and customs. At this point you can either keep hold of your checked bags or put them on the baggage belt for transfer to the main terminal. You will then ascend to the AGT (train) station. The transfer takes just over a minute. Once inside the main terminal you can claim your baggage and make your way out of the airport to begin your Florida adventure. If you do have any concerns on arrival or departure there are information desks in both airports that you can call upon should you need to.

Both airports have the usual choice of duty free shopping, and there is also a choice of eateries once inside the terminal.

Most flights to Florida leave the UK before noon, and you can expect to land in the sunshine state from late afternoon to early evening.

Which airports can you fly to Florida from?

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