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Florida’s favourite… Donuts

Sweet ‘n’ sticky ‘n’ just quite wonderful to look at (and eat), what’s not to love about a donut? Especially donuts from the other side of the pond, which are of course topped with more sprinkles, filled with more cream and come in a never-ending list of flavours compared to their British doughnut counterparts.



So where in Florida can you find your ultimate sugar fix? We’ve scoured the Sunshine State to bring you the best donut bakeries. Interested? Read on…


Dandee Donut Factory

With three outlets in Miami alone, Dandee Donut Factory is something of an institution in Magic City. What makes this place stand out (aside from the donuts) is the bakery’s opening hours. The Hollywood outlet opens at 5am each morning and the Pompano branch is open 24 hours.



Dandee Donut Factory, photo credit, Instagram newforkcity



A donut-lover’s dream come true! The variety and flavours aren’t bad either – try the classic Dandee donut, toasted coconut or cherry and maple donuts, along with a mug of Dandee’s steaming, freshly-brewed coffee.


Donut King, Winter Park, Orlando

If you’re looking for variety, you’ve come to the right place. Donut King most definitely champions the biggest range of donut flavours (and sizes) in Florida. Walk inside, and the sugary waft immediately hits you, leaving visitors with no choice but to buy at least a dozen of the bakery’s signature donuts.


You’ve been warned! Flavours include chocolate chip, maple frosted, red velvet with cream cheese, and cinnamon sugar donuts.



Donut King, photo credt, Instagram megannguyen



Mojo Donuts

Weird and wonderful (and delicious nonetheless), Mojo Donuts‘ creative masterpieces will keep you coming back for more. Why stop after one dulce de leche, cotton candy or banana-rama donut? Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, Florida (a short drive north of Miami), this place is well worth a pit stop before heading to the beach.



Mojo Donuts, photo credit Instagram mariovergel



Bakery Plus, Orlando

Blink and you might miss it, Bakery Plus in the heart of downtown Orlando serves up vats of fresh donuts every day to serve to its dedicated local following. A no-frills cafe owned by a friendly couple, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome and a range of tasty treats.


Try the vanilla or strawberry frosted donut, or those with a simple sugar glaze. If you fancy something a little more substantial, the bakery receives rave reviews for its bagels. What’s more, this place is great value for money.



Bakery Plus Donuts, photo credit Instagram pisceanoutlaw



Glazed Donuts, Key West

The creme de la creme of gourmet donuts, as the name suggests the donuts in this establishment are famed for their variety of glazes and toppings. Using as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible, don’t be surprised to find tropical Key lime pie and citrusy Tangerine Dream flavoured treats in-store.



Glazed Donuts, Photo credit Instagram elierism



Glazed Donuts‘ maple bourbon and candied Canadian bacon donut is a bit of a curveball, but we’re sure it tastes great.


Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?







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