Florida’s Finest…

Florida is home to some of the most famous food and drink producers in America, and in this section we’ll take you through exactly what you can expect to find while you’re visiting. Whether you’re a dedicated foodie looking to discover every hidden gem the Sunshine State has to offer, or you’re just looking for more attractions to see while you’re on holiday, you’re guaranteed to find something for you. Explore where Florida comes from at its source, and discover the rich and varied Floridian cuisine across the state.

Florida enjoys a tropical climate, which leads to mild, dry winters and a well-defined rainy season from June to September. It also sees more thunderstorms and tornadoes (albeit mostly very weak ones) than any other part of America, making farming here a risky business in places – but that hasn’t stopped the producers of Florida taking advantage of the warm weather to cultivate oranges, lemons, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, snap beans and many, many crops besides.

There’s a surprise here for fans of craft beers and wines, too; you might not expect it, but a handful of producers are working out of microbreweries and wineries across the state, ensuring that even in this hot and humid climate you can find a good beer or a truly unique fruit wine (look out for blueberry wine, which seems to be a local favourite!). We’ll take you through some of our favourite microbreweries in the state, and go over exactly what winemaking means in Florida – it won’t be what you expect!

Local Beers

When on holiday, it can often be pleasant to kick back and relax with a nice pint of local beer. […]

Local cuisine

As a peninsular state, Florida has gained a reputation for boasting one of the most varied palettes in the US […]