Are you heading off to Florida this year and just can’t wait to start soaking up the sunny, tropical culture? Or maybe you’re dying to relive that perfect holiday, and the delicious delicacies you discovered along the coast.

Either way, there’s no excuse needed to get a taste of the Sunshine State! Home to sumptuous seafood, Caribbean flavours, and the tropical tastes of juicy fruit and veg – along with some of the finest fast-food options the US has to offer – Floridian cuisine  surprisingly rich and varied.

And don’t forget an accompanying beverage – the Everglades are also home to plenty of characteristic cocktails and summery libations.

It can be remarkably easy to recreate it all at home as well, even without a tropical climate of your very own. There’s no better way to discover Florida’s secrets than with our selection of recipes for traditional food and drink specialties, provided by some hand-picked Orange State experts. So get in the kitchen and start cooking!

The Cubanos Sandwich

Recipe designed by You Baby Me Mummy It is quite apparent from first viewing that I’m no stranger to a […]

Slow Cooker Cuban Chicken

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Strawberry Mojitos

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Key Lime Pie

Recipe designed by Bakes, Books and My Boys Key Lime Pie is one of the desserts which sum up summer […]

Florida Style Seafood Chowder

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