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Holiday disasters competition – we have a winner!

A little while ago we asked the nation to share with us their holiday disasters as part of our competition to win a £75 Amazon voucher – and we have a winner! Read on to find out about our winning entry.


We received so many entries to our competition that we’ve also featured some of our favourites below – we just wish we could fit them all into one blog post!


Winning entry – Karen Weedon

Congratulations to our winner Karen! We loved your holiday disaster story involving a rather unfortunate water slide incident:


“I queued for ages to go down a huge water slide. When it was my time, I went down super quick, ended up with my legs around the person in front of me’s head and unfortunately did a bit of a wee on him with all the excitement! So embarrassing!”


Karen is the lucky winner of a £75 Amazon voucher, but we loved reading about all of our entrants’ holiday mishaps – from little wees on water slides and accidentally ruining sand sculptures on the beach, to nightmare insect encounters, read on to find out some of our most cringe-worth entries!


summer funiStock.com/blb2002


Impressing the in-laws – Carrie Talbot-Ashby

Most people know the feeling of trying to impress your partner’s parents, something Carrie from Aylesbury knows all too well!


“On a first holiday with my boyfriend and his family, I knew they thought I was quiet, so I downed a few drinks and got a bit tipsy. Then I decided to run towards them, missing my own reflection entirely, I ran into a mirrored wall, his family were behind me!”


Shy Cat on BediStock.com/ivanolianto


Bikini blunders – Alexandra Adams-Duff

Being let down by your swimwear is a mishap you wouldn’t wish on anyone, but unfortunately for Alexandra, she had her fair share of wardrobe malfunctions while holidaying in Florida:


“My bikini came undone on gangplank falls at Typhoon Lagoon in Florida last year. The operator held everyone up so my boyfriend could fasten it for me. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t tie it. I had to walk down the queue with my top half off! CRINGE!”


retriever smalliStock.com/kickers


Animal antics – Kali Filsell
Animal selfies – they’re cute, they’re fun, and in Kali’s case, they’re certainly interesting! Unluckily for Kali, however, this holiday disaster proved to be doubly as distressing:


“A selfie with an ostrich turned into a disaster when it decided to snatch my phone out of my hand! Then on a rollercoaster unfortunately my rather large uncle got stuck in a seat on one of the rides – it took three men to pull him out!”


Photo-k-filsell-sky-com-161815846The ostrich culprit.


Not-so brilliant barbecuing – Helen Newton
A barbecue on holiday is a classic way to enjoy the evening – it’s sociable, relaxed and the food’s really tasty – although Helen from Leytonstone certainly got more than she bargained for with this holiday feast:


“When you have a barbecue in your apartment and melt the table!”


Photo-mummynewton-talktalk-net-162051805The aftermath of one messy barbecue as seen in Helen’s picture above.


A sandy surprise – Tracey Redfern
Ever seen those beautiful sand sculptures dotted along the edge of the beach on holiday? Tracey knows them all too well after an unfortunately timed holiday accident:


“In Benidorm admiring the sand sculptures on the beach, talking to a sculptor, next thing I know I had fainted, landed smack in the middle of his beautiful work of art, that had taken hours to complete and completely ruined it.”


lion smalliStock.com/WLDavies


Not so perfect timing – Neil Hedge
Animals are full of quirks, something most people love about them. But unfortunately for Neil, this pair of cheeky monkeys were certainly characterful during the couple’s holiday in India!


“Disaster struck after visiting a temple in India. I was just taking a picture of my wife when these naughty monkeys decided to photobomb my shot…”


Those cheeky monkeys!


A bit of a blunder – Denise Griffiths
While soaking up the culture in a beautifully quiet place such as Vatican City, Denise and family learnt all too well the importance of keeping your voice down.


“We took hubby’s devout catholic 83-year-old mum to The Vatican when in Rome. As we entered the quiet St Peters we said to her ‘you might see The Pope!’. She was deaf and LOUDLY said ‘don’t want to see him, he’s a Nazi!’. So embarrassing, funny in retrospect!”


Photo-denisegriffiths1959-gmail-com-162616225Denise’s family on holiday.


A temperamental tummy – Jim Radford
Being ill is never nice, but being ill on holiday comes with extra unpleasantries, something Jim found while holidaying in the Dominican Republic:


“Got a dicky tummy in Dominican Republic, blocked the toilet and tried to unblock with a snorkel… lost the snorkel and broke the toilet!”


red dog smalliStock.com/madcorona


Bugged out – Jacqueline Roberts
Unfortunately, some people are more susceptible to insect bites than others. But it’s fair to say Jacqueline was pretty unlucky on her holiday:


“First day in Texas stung by a huge wasp, second day stung by a Scorpion, then found a brown recluse spider in the garage, then astounded everyone by nearly treading on a rattlesnake in the garden! They said I was the unluckiest person ever.”


Photo-jacqroberts68-aol-com-162800722Enjoying the holiday, despite all the creepy crawlies.


We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about our favourite competition entrants as much as we did, and congratulations again to our winner. If you want to read the rest of our many, many entries, you can take a look at our competition entry page to see more holiday disasters!


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