To get the most out of Florida, it’s best to look beyond just one destination or area – if you’re there for a little while, at least. While the Sunshine State may seem like too big a place to conquer in just a single trip, it’s remarkably easy to get around – and here, we’ll show you the best ways to go about your travels when you’re there.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Florida, even if you stick to a series of short trips. Despite being 22nd on the list of US states by size, it’s also the fourth most populous – a whopping six per cent of American citizens live there, making it a hotbed of cities, towns and outer-lying suburbs. With it comes an impressive infrastructure of roads, airports and even water-based transport – and we’ll give you tips and tricks for each one of these assets.

Whether you’re planning on flying from one place to another, taking local public transport, renting a car or even buying a vehicle outright for your travels, then Florida4Less has everything you need to make the best decision for you. You’ll never miss a toll booth, overlook an airport or spend an inordinate amount of hard-earned cash on a dodgy rental – so you’ll have more money for your jollies, as well as more time to enjoy them!