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Florida’s holiday age milestones

Age may just be a number, but there is certainly an impression that particular holiday destinations are more for people of a certain age than another.


In a survey we conducted, respondents suggested that your thirties are the best years to take a gap year to travel around the world visiting bucket list destinations.


We firmly believe that Florida is for everyone, of all ages, but if you’re looking for specific guidance on which areas may be best for people of your age and interests, then we may be able to help. Check out our age-related run-down of Florida’s key highlights…


Disney World

Definitely one for the kids – although that includes big kids, too. You never really grow out of Disney, and even people who go for the first time in their 40s find it to be a place of magical wonder; there really is something (actually a lot of things) for everyone to enjoy. However, our survey respondents were clear: 42% think you have to go before you’re 24 to truly appreciate all that the Magic Kingdom has to offer.

Visit by: your early-20s.



With Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld in close proximity, interspersed with huge numbers of water parks, Orlando has earned itself the title of Theme Park Capital of the World. Orlando also has the largest college campus in America courtesy of the University of Central Florida, creating a community that knows how to cater for young people. It’s why so many of our survey respondents believe you should get there in your 20s.

Visit by: your mid-20s.



Busy, bustling Miami never stops. It’s a centre for pretty much everything: commerce, finance, nightlife, shopping, beaches, cruises – the list goes on and on. Miami is for those who want to experience anything and everything, from the glamour of South Beach to the vibrant Little Havana, and don’t expect to sleep much on their holiday. While there’s something for everyone, experiencing the very best this amazing city has to offer can get expensive, so go when you feel you can afford it but certainly while you still feel you can survive it!

Visit by: age 30.



Jacksonville may not be as well-known as Miami or Florida, but it is certainly vast. It’s actually the largest city by area in the US outside of Alaska. It’s also a great base for people who want a bit of everything on their holiday; with 22 miles of beaches, amazing fishing, extensive parks and vibrant cultural scene, as well as world-class golf courses, you get to choose what you do and when you do it. It’s also very affordable – Lonely Planet have named it on in their global top ten best-value destinations for 2018.

Visit by: age 35.


Florida Keys

This curved archipelago of islands forms the southernmost tip of the continental United States, with its tropical climate attracting millions of visitors each year. Almost every holiday itinerary in the Florida Keys centres around the water: snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, all the water sports you can imagine and some of the finest beaches to be found anywhere, the Florida Keys has it all. A beautiful destination for people of any age, but best for those who want to make the most of water sports.

Visit by: age 40.


Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater

The collection of cities that make up the coastline of the 400-square mile Tampa Bay make up the Tampa Bay area, and is known for its arts and culture, with a high number of museums, theatres, musical performance and exhibits. The blue gulf waters of the bay mean the area is noted for its beaches, as well as marine life that you can see either on guided tours or in local aquariums. For the kids there are also theme parks, including the world-famous Busch Gardens.

Visit by: age 60.


St. Augustine

If you like your holidays with history, then St. Augustine is the place for you. It’s the oldest city in the US, and has at various times been owned and occupied by British and Spanish settlers. The evidence of Spanish colonialism is everywhere in the architecture, but St. Augustine also has plenty of contemporary history, having played a landmark role in the Civil Rights movement. If you want a history of Florida and the US itself, it’s a great place to start.

Visit by: age 70.



Famous for its wetlands, alligators and fan boats, the Everglades National Park should be on any nature-lover’s itinerary – in fact on any Florida to-do list. It’s a truly unique place, and over a million people arrive every year to see the landscape and view the array of different species that make it their home: from the American crocodile to manatees, the Florida panther and hundreds of species of bird and reptiles. A must-see at any age.

Visit by: whenever you can!



In a state that is no stranger to sprawling villas and holiday homes of the super-rich, the city of Naples is home to the super-super-rich. Properties here are some of the most expensive in the US, and the city contains the second-highest proportion of millionaires per capita in the country. As such the area caters for high-end shopping and dining, although it has close proximity to the Everglades for day trips. So if you want to lead the high-roller lifestyle, Naples is the place to be.

Visit by: any time you can afford it!


So these are our tips – now’s the time for you to plan your Florida adventure with Florida 4 Less.




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