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How to cut down pre-holiday costs

You’ve booked your flights, found the perfect hotel and saved up a few hundred pounds to have the holiday of a lifetime. Perfect! But wait – what about those pesky pre-holiday costs?


Shockingly, according to our survey of 2,000 Brits, holiday goers in the UK are spending, on average, an additional £350 to simply prepare for their next trip away. Around 20% of us even start prepping more than six months ahead of our flights, spending money on everything from new holiday clothes and beauty treatments to gym memberships and supplements.


While some pre-holidays expenses are unavoidable (think sun cream or specialised equipment for adventurous explorers), there are many ways you can cut down costs. Take a look below, and discover our top money-saving tips before your next holiday!


DIY whenever possible


Everybody wants to look their best on holiday, but mani-pedis, facials, spray tans and other beauty treatments can quickly add up. Instead of splashing out, pamper yourself at home or even recruit a friend to do it for you – if you’re going on holiday together, buying the products and tools you need will work out even cheaper. It’s easy to create a spa-like experience in your house, switch on the candles, add calming oils to a diffuser and relax.


Tend to get more than one or two different treatments pre-holiday? Select the one you need a professional for the most, then DIY the rest.


Borrow from a friend


Before you invest in special equipment for your holiday, be it skiing gear or a backpack for hiking, chat to your friends first. You’ll be surprised how many people have items like this stored away, after all they’re not the type of thing you use on a daily basis!


The same goes for expensive tech. Want to take amazing photos to remember your trip, but doubtful you’ll ever need a DSLR again? Or are travelling solo and wish you had a pair of wireless headphones? Instead of stumping up a small fortune, ask a close friend to lend you theirs – you could even suggest paying for the insurance on the item for the duration of your trip, just in case the worst happens.


Of course, when it comes to borrowing you’ll need to be prepared to return the favour!


Invest in high-quality luggage


According to our survey, Brits tend to spend £36 on new luggage every year. And while there’s no denying suitcases and carry-ons experience their fair share of bumps, scrapes and grazes as they travel with you across the world, low-quality luggage is lucky if it lasts more than a year.


Splash out on a high-quality suitcase once, and you won’t have to buy another for years to come. While the cost might be higher at first, you’ll definitely save cash in the long run.


Get fit for free


Everybody knows you can’t get toned overnight, and many holiday goers increase the amount of exercise they do months before they jet off. You don’t have to sign up to an expensive gym and pay over the odds for a personal trainer to feel body confident however, it’s easy to get fit for free.


Go for a jog, watch a YouTube tutorial and learn yoga, head to Instagram and follow fitness experts for daily inspiration or create your own workout routine – whatever gets you moving. The hardest thing about exercising outside of a gym environment is staying motivated, but there are tons of motivational, goal-orientated apps out there! Working out with others helps too, whether you arrange to run with friends, exercise before dinner with a partner or even plan Sunday hikes with your family – it’ll force you to stick to your plans.


Limit yourself when shopping


The biggest pre-holiday expense? Clothing. Everyone loves to revamp their wardrobe in the run-up to their holiday and some, like blogger Lois Spencer-Tracey from bunnipunch.co.uk, admit to budgeting anywhere from £100 to £500 for new items.


While everyone will have their own budget for holiday outfits, planning ahead and spending smartly is sure to save you money. First, asses what you really need. Stock up on essentials, replace items that no longer fit or are unsuitable to wear, and be wise when making new purchases. Will you wear the piece after your holiday? If not, consider a cheaper alternative or skipping the piece completely. Got plenty of time until you go away? Keep an eye on the item, in case it goes on sale.


If you already have something similar, pack that instead. With your holiday promising to be so great, it won’t matter what you wear once you’re there – and nobody will be able to tell if it’s a year or so old. You could even ask to borrow clothing from a friend if you’ve spotted a dress or shirt they’ve recently worn away that you love.


Looking for more great holiday tips, or considering spending your next break in Florida? Our blog, Secret Florida, has plenty of brilliant advice – go ahead, take a look!


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