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Gold Coast Florida Holidays

Taking its name from a legendary tale of Spanish galleons and washed-up loot, the Gold Coast remains a firm favourite for millions of holidaymakers each and every year. Stretching from Palm Beach County to Surfers Paradise and beyond, it's impossible to avoid falling in love with the miles of sun-kissed sands and rolling wave that make up this enchanting part of Southwest Gulf.

  • Palm Beach Florida

    If you're looking for water sports, trendy bars and expansive, golden sands, Palm Beach is the place for you!

  • Fort Lauderdale Holidays

    If you're looking for a luxurious trip with high-end hotels and designer boutiques, Fort Lauderdale is for you

  • Daytona Beach Holidays

    Daytona Beach delivers the perfect holiday with shopping, sightseeing and golfing available all year round!

  • Cocoa Beach

    Whether you're staying in nearby Orlando or Cocoa Beach itself, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

  • SeaWorld Resort

    The great thing about Seaworld is that there's something for families, couples and groups of friends to enjoy.

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