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Miami Holidays

If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, with gorgeous weather pretty much guaranteed, Miami is the place for you. From the beautiful beach, to the endless sporting activities you can get involved in, with a whole bunch of bars, restaurants and exciting places to dine thrown in, there’s sure to be something for everyone to get stuck into while on holiday in Miami. If you’re travelling as a family, you might even like to check out the zoo and aquarium while staying here.

  • Downtown Miami

    The area locally known as "Downtown" is the commercial, business, and financial centre of Florida.

  • North Beach Miami

    North Beach is the northernmost area of Miami city, including Biscayne Point and the Isles of Normandy.

  • South Beach Miami Holidays

    Famous for its buzzing nightlife, a holiday to South Beach is perfect if you are visiting Miami to party hard.

  • Miami Beach Holidays

    Perfect if you're in the market to do a little bit of celebrity spotting or want to chill out with a cocktail.

There's Something for Everyone

One of America's most beautiful cities, there are not many places you can say cater for every possible holiday desire, but Miami is one of them. With millions of tourists visiting the area each year, the city of Miami was transformed overnight after the incredible building boom of the 1920s.

With the fantastic nightlife of South Beach, the historic sanctuaries of Coral Gables and the bustling area of Calle Ocho, there are endless opportunities for shopping and dining, and if you are into sports, then you will be delighted by the array of golf courses, football, basketball and fishing opportunities that are available.

A City With Beautiful Diversity

With an incredibly diverse selection of tranquil beaches, cultural arts and a thriving nightlife, the beauty of Miami will never fade and even though it has a reputation for being somewhat of a party town, Miami has some great attractions that are well worth a visit, such as The Miami Seaquarium and Miami Zoo - the US' only tropical zoo.

If you want even more animal attractions, Jungle Island is a delightful walking trail on Watson Island.

A great destination for couples and older families, there are so many things to do on a getaway to Miami and so many memories to make and take home with you, that you will never want to leave.

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