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Flights To Florida

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Destination Airports

With a whopping five airports in the state, you shouldn't encounter any problems when booking your flights!

  • Orlando International Airport

    Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Florida, and is a huge hit among Brits.

  • Flights to Miami

    As a city known for being a hive of activity, Miami International Airport is no different.

  • Sanford International Airport

    Situated in North-East Orlando, Sanford is a great alternative for those wanting to avoid the city centre.

  • Flights to Tampa

    Drop down in the spacious Tampa International Airport to see white sandy beaches and Busch Gardens.

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Departure Airports

Florida is incredibly easy to get to - you'll find flights heading over the Atlantic from most major UK airports. Flights to Florida take around nine hours from the UK if you fly direct.

  • London to Miami Flights

    As the UK's largest airport, it's unsurprising that London Heathrow provides a host of flights to Miami!

  • Cheap London to Florida Flights

    Flights to Orlando or Sanford International will take you to the heart of Florida and all of the theme parks.

  • Edinburgh to Orlando Flights

    Are you near or north of the border? Thomson Airlines provide flights from Edinburgh to Sanford International.

  • Belfast to Florida

    Sadly, there are no current connections between Belfast and Florida - but we'll update you if this changes.

  • Flights From Manchester to Orlando

    Manchester Airport is one of the largest airports in the north, and four airlines offer flights to Florida.

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